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New Sails for 2020

The junior sailing program this season will see a colourful new set of sails for the entire fleet. The GFS Committee approved the purchase of new sails and over the winter we commissioned Doyle Sails to help us.

Shane Guanaria from Doyle Sails provided GFS with a number of options. After narrowing the colour palette down to the blue and yellow used in the club burgee, we mocked up four different patterns.

Junior Sailing Rear Commodore Tim Kannegieter and his sailing daughter Olivia then stood outside the gates of Greenwich Public School and canvased the opinions of more than 50 students. We asked them what they thought the most fun and exciting combination was. The sail pattern shown below was the winner.

We hope to take delivery of the sails just prior to the start of the season, but if not they will arrive soon after.

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