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Important information and special conditions

NOTE to parents of junior sailors. These standard terms and conditions are for all club members and some may not apply, for example, if you do not race a yacht.

1. Remember the ISAF Fundamental Rule 4: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to race or to continue racing is hers alone”.


2. For a yacht to be eligible to race: Her owner must:

a. Be a Full Member, financial for the current season.

b. Provide to the Club, proof of sufficient Third Party Liability cover on the boat. This cover to be for a minimum of $10 million;

c. Have had the yacht successfully audited to comply with RRS and Special Regulations Equipment Category 7, the appropriate Waterways requirements and any special GFS requirements. Class boats must comply with their class requirements.


3. Be Good Neighbours:

Parking: GFS asks that you are courteous and exercise consideration for the neighbours when you use the very limited parking available in Bay Street. Members or their guests are not allowed to park in the area beside or behind the clubhouse. This area is needed as a turning circle by:

a. Emergency Services (the life they save may be yours); and

b. Local Bay Street residents—it is their street after all!!


Noise: When leaving the premises, please have consideration for others and keep any noise to a minimum;



Duty Rosters: GFS is a voluntary, self-help sailing club. If you race Saturdays and/or Twilights, your boat can be rostered for Saturday Start Duty and/or Twilight Duty Crew. Both duties require the Skipper and at least two Crew, be present for that duty.


4. Your Contact & Family Details:

Details are required for the Australian Sailing data base. Your Contact Details may be shared with other members of GFS and may be used by officials of GFS to contact you with regard to imparting Club information, Duty Rosters, etc. These details will not be passed by GFS to any other organisation or person other than those named above.


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