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Best Summer Ever

Learn to Sail

Spring Courses: 16 October 2022 - 18 December 2022

Autumn Courses: 29 Jan 2023 - 2 April 2023

Connect with nature

Build confidence

Lifelong skills

Greenwich Flying Squadron runs Learn to Sail courses for children. From entry level to learn-to-race, our fun program builds the confidence kids need to independently sail a small boat.


 Our program is designed to ensure kids enjoy the whole Learn-to-Sail experience. It's more than just sailing. Its about helping and supporting each other as we progress through each level.


Are you concerned your child spends too much time on electronics? Well water and electronics don't mix! Feel the breeze on your face and the water on your toes. 

We start with baby steps and slowly build your child's confidence in venturing into ever stronger winds and farther afield. By the end of the program your child will have learned more than a skill, they will be better at facing life's challenges.


 As your child learns to coordinate movements of the sail, the rudder and their body moving in and out, magic happens in the brain. Your child will improve their motor coordination and develop their brain.

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What you will learn

From ropes and rigging, to tacking and gybing, our courses take beginners from their first toe in the water to tactical wizards.

See our courses for more information.

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